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Guest commentator appearances for various media outlets

Keith Springer of Springer Financial Advisors Video

Male: Now, let’s get to the U.S. markets. Joining us this morning, Keith Springer, President of Springer Financial Advisors. Female: Let’s ask Keith Springer Springer Financial Advisorsof Springer Financial Advisors… Male: Financial Analyst, Keith Springer… Female: Keith Springer joining...

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Keith Springer Facing Goliath Promo Video

The book explained why we got into this mess in 2008. Everyone was frustrated. No one really understood it. Lehman crashed. Of course, there was far too much excess debt and leverage. But ultimately, with demographics, it was an...

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Keith Springer on FOX40- “I will be getting a severance check. What are the tax reprucussions and can I miminize taxes on it?”

Catch Keith every morning on FOX40 for breaking market related news and to keep up with what is going on in the economy and financial markets right now. Last week Keith put on his genie hat to answer viewer...

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